Scaffolding accessories made from recyclable waste materials from the sea.

Nordic Platform produces scaffolding accessories made from recyclable materials from the sea and therefore make an important contribution to environmental protection. So far, space fillers, safetycaps and fall protection will be made of at least 50% plastic from the sea and without compromising on quality and strength in the products.

Purchasing these products helps to make a difference by pulling plastic, fishing net, etc. up from the ocean and recycle it for new products.It helps both the animals in the ocean, our humans to minimize the intake of microplate and hopefully our contaminated oceans will become just a little less polluted over time - for the benefit of all of this earth.


Fall protection

It is used for fall protection on the scaffolding by roofing work, measures 110x115cm with handle for easy handling. Weight is 10.5 kg and is made of strong plastic material (80% of which is plastic).


The new scaffold Spacefiller is specially designed to close the gap that occurs between the scaffolding platforms. Nordic Platforms new Spacefiller has an incredibly low weight and simple to install!

Safety cap

No more head injuries! The newly developed protection cap minimizes the risk of head injuries. It is easily applied and fits all Ø 48,3 mm pipes.