• AIRSTEPS Composite

    Strong material with high resistance to
    heat, fire, chemicals and weather.

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    AIRSTEPS Composite
  • AIRSTEPS Composite Scaffolding Platform

    The NEW GENERATION of Scaffolding Platforms

    AIRSTEPS Scaffolding Platform

    Advertise with your own AIRSTEPS Scaffolding deck!
    Can be customized in any color and provided with their logo

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    AIRSTEPS Scaffolding deck
  • Composite Scaffold anchor

    The world's first scaffold anchor in composite!

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    Composite Scaffold anchor

Your Way to Success AIRSTEPS composite decks for scaffolding industry


An excellent example of special projects and requirements our platforms fulfills.

We're here in a rugby stadium in New Zealand, where the use of our LA composite platforms ensures safety and stability when the audience are jumping and cheering.

Turner Access

Double gain with newly developed wall anchor

Airstep wall anchor improves safety and reduces the risk of theft. The foreign markets have in a short time accepted the Danish-developed scaffolding solution.

The safety of the Danish construction sites is forever under scrutiny and it will hardly be less in the future. The Labor Inspectorate is on continuous inspection visits all over the country but in spite of this the survey issued by the Labor Inspectorate last spring shows there has been an increase in the number of occupational accidents in the construction industry from 4,539 in 2011 to 5,177 in 2016.

Turner Access

International scaffolding giant in collaboration with Danish company

Revolutionary solution for the offshore industry comes to life in collaboration between giant & innovator. Danish Nordic Platform has landed a large-scale partnership with the international scaffolding giant Turner Access. Nordic Platforms unique composite decks for the scaffolding industry is the key that opened the door to the partnership.

Composite/Stål Scaffolding anchor

The world's first scaffold-anchor in composite with steel hook

We have developed the world's first scaffold-anchor in composite with steel hook! First of all it is a very light and strong material and can withstand a tension / compression of min. 1.000 kg.

Composite scaffold anchor

The world's first scaffold-anchor in composite

We have developed the world's first scaffold-anchor in composite - and there is a special reason for that! First of all it is a very light and strong material, weighing less than 1 kg per meter and can withstand a tension / compression of up to 300 kg.

safety clip

The world's first safety clip in composite

Manufactured in composite - light and strong material. Can be produced in all colors and with imprinted logo. Is used to lock the frames together.

Christina Stillas

Nordic Platform provides unique advertising benefits to the construction industry

From local start-up business to International market disrupter!

The Haderslev-based company has experienced strong growth and are expanding to sell in 8 countries versus last year’s 3 countries. For Nordic Platform, 2016 has been the year in which it got its international breaktrough. In April the company exhibited at the world's biggest sales exhibition BAUMA. After the exhibition, the true challenge has been where to focus.

BAUMA 2016

South Denmark startup company was surprised by the success at the world‘s biggest trade fair.

As Per Mose Jakobsen, the entrepreneur from Haderslev, in the summer of 2012 embarked on an attempt to challenge the conservative scaffolding industry - the goal was to develop a new generation of scaffolding platforms in composite material.

The new Spacefiller from Nordic Platform reaps international interest and Danish recognition.

The scaffolding supplier Nordic Platform, has become internationally known for their composite platform. The product was originally developed for the Danish market, but it is the foreign markets, which have seriously considered the product for themselves. Here, the interest is significant and at the recently finished Bauma exhibition in Munich - the Danish stand attracted much attention!

Fascination - BAUMA 2016

Giant machines on 605.000 m² of exhibition space with morthan 3,400 exhibitors and around 580,000 visitors from 200 countries — bauma is the largest and perhaps the most impressive trade fair in the world. However, the undisputed leading inter national trade fair is also enthralling because it is so comprehensive. It features all sectors, all market leaders and plenty of innovations. As well as breaking records in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers and exhibition space, bauma is also a great place for filling the order books.

Thieves stealing from scaffolding rental group

Thieves stealing from scaffolding rental group at construction site

Cheeky - but not so clever - thieves stealing from scaffolding rental group at construction site.


UEG - The representative body for scaffolding in Europe

The Union of European Scaffolding Contractors (UEG) is the representative body for the interests of the scaffolding industry in Europe. It was founded on 25 October 2008. The membership is comprised of national scaffolding industry organisations from Germany, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway and Finland.

Since 2013 Nordic Platform has been a member of the UEG.

Airsteps Logo-deck

Advertise with your own AIRSTEPS Scaffolding deck!

AIRSTEPS Composite decks can be customized in any color and provided with their logo. So you can see from afar, who owns the deck.



As an innovative company with ever-growing product range, we are interested in offering our branded products in the European and non-European countries. Therefore, we are looking for new foreign distributors.

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