AIRSTEPS Composite is incredibly light, strong, flexible, and last but not least, cost-effective.

Based on an idea to create an alternative to scaffolding decks made of wood, aluminum or steel Nordic Platform was established in 2012. Three years of research had been required to meet the high standards demanded by customers, national authorities and the owners of Nordic Platform.

The idea materialized with the creation of Airsteps – a composite made deck with the best qualities of traditional materials – durability, light weight and strength combined! With AIRSTEPS decks there are many options - almost no limitations. It can be produced in exactly the length or wide as desired. At the same time you have the opportunity to advertise for your own business. It is possible to produce AIRSTEPS scaffold decks in all colors and with your own logo.

Today Airsteps are available throughout the world and Nordic Platform PS is now an established supplier in the Scandinavian countries.

  • Can be customized in any color and provided with their logo - reduce the risk of theft
  • Extremely light - for preventing lifting injuries
  • Extremely strong – has been proven for years in the wind turbine technology
  • Flexible – Available in all lengths and widths
  • Available for all scaffolding systems
  • Fire-resistant (UL94 V-0) – spread of a fire on the construction site is prevented
  • Technological test – fulfills all the latest standards
  • Acids and alkalis-resistant – extends service life of the product
  • Syre-base resistente – til forlængelse af produktets levetiden
  • AIRSTEPS planks are IPR–protected under a PCT-patent.

If you need further information or have questions about AIRSTEPS decks, you can contact us. Our advisors will be happy to introduce our new AIRSTEPS deck. Arrange a personal appointment at our office, or in your desired location.